Pitiful to Powerful Course

I believe that everyone has more inside of them than they realize.  

An untapped potential that is yearning to be discovered. 

I believe that everyone was made to add value to others. 

To influence those around them for God’s Kingdom! 

Some people walk out their God given purpose with zeal and vigor 

But then there are those that are just....stuck! 

If that is YOU - then this course is Perfect!

Spend 12 Sessions learning how to get out of your "Pit" and walk in God's Power!

We will walk through how to get out of your pit and talk about what has kept you bound in those chains during the first 4 sessions; In the next sessions we will transition into understanding your true identity - the one that only God can say you are - so that you can stand on solid ground going forward! And last, but certainly not least, we will delve into how to operate in the Power of Holy Spirit through intimacy with obedience and trust!

These 12 Sessions will be group learning, but you will have an opportunity to sign up for 3 - 30 minute individual sessions to work on anything that you want in addition!