Adventure Awaits

Make ME your Adventure…

Anyone who watches my social media knows that I am an Adventure loving gal. In fact for 14 years I had a business with the word Adventure in the name!

I love the thrill of the unknown and I find that I hunger to see beauty that I haven’t seen before. I long for the experiences and growth that comes from doing something outside of my comfort zone. The hunger to do More…to see More…and to become More is almost intoxicating!

As I was having my devotional and quiet time with God the other day, my mind started to wander (I don’t know if anyone else has this problem) and I started thinking of the weekend and what adventure Brandon and I would go do. When God interrupted my thoughts and said, “I want you to make ME your Adventure.” Now, THAT got my attention and I sat up straight and grabbed my journal. As I began to write what He had spoken to me, I immediately had the question, “What does that mean, Papa?”

That question has led me down a road of reflection for the last week. God showed me how much my spiritual walk has progressed over the years and started giving me a vision of what has changed in my walk with Him. He started to show me how being in His word and really experiencing how it relates to my own circumstances and my everyday life has allowed me to remember the scriptures that I read,  and how being able to speak His word at times of stress or strife has helped me overcome my obstacles. He showed me how my prayer life has become so much more powerful because of my closeness with Him. It became very clear as I reflected that there was a pivot point in my relationship with him that changed everything. One decision, one moment that pointed me in the right direction.

That moment was when I totally surrendered myself to Him. The moment that I finally stopped trying to control EVERYTHING and just stepped out of His way. That my friends, was the moment that Holy Spirit could take over and start moving me into my purpose because I could hear His voice clearly… and both He and I knew that I would obey what He said to do. That point of course didn’t come out of nowhere and there was a definite process that led up to it. There were a lot of other points in my life that added into this pivotal moment. But, in a nutshell I finally understood that I had to stop looking at my walk with Jesus as just “Fire Insurance” (as my friend Beth calls it) and had to recognize that He was not just my Savior, but that He was my LORD. I had to submit everything… my dreams, my marriage, my kids, my finances, my friendships and family, and most of all my expectations.

And…the moment I submitted, my Adventure with God began. Now I understand what He was implying when He said, “He wants me to make Him my adventure”! He was calling me into an intimate walk with Him that will never be predictable or boring. It will be a trust walk, one step at a time. I may not see the whole picture, but because I trust Jesus with EVERYTHING, I am now able to obey even when I don’t understand, move when He says to, and stay still when I want to run ahead. I don’t have to be anxious about my finances because I know that He is my provider, so that opens me up to following His will more readily. And I know that my marriage is stronger than ever because my husband and I are not in this union by ourselves…we are a strand of 3!

Knowing all of this makes me Hungry for MORE of Jesus! I can’t wait to have quiet time to sit with my Lord and hear His voice! It makes me Hungry for MORE of His Word… I want to know everything about his character, His promises, and His righteousness. It makes me Hungry for the transformation that only comes from being in intimate relationship with Jesus! It is and Exhilarating Adventure to be on and I wouldn’t trade it for any other adventure on the face of this earth!

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