The “X” Factor

Over the last 16 years of being a transformation coach, I have been very blessed to watch numerous people change their lives for the better. They have made life-altering transformations that they are still implementing to this day. Yet others struggle to keep their healthy regiments up – to stay on course until they reach their desired goals. Why is it that some people can make the changes and some can’t? Why can some people shoot for the stars and reach them and others will not even try? I believe the answer to this question incorporates something that is an intangible aspect of our makeup – the “X” factor.

The “X” Factor is a factor of Choice. No matter what nature has bestowed upon you, no matter what kind of upbringing you have had, the “X” factor is the game changer. It is the God given ability to reach beyond where you are at the present moment and step outside your comfort zone. It is the inner drive to make changes in oneself; to actively take a role in bettering your immediate circumstances. I believe this factor is the difference between a person that can successfully make a transformation in spirit, mind and body…and a person who will struggle to do so. It is something that we can all access, but not everyone chooses to do so.

The “X” factor is usually brought out during times of conflict, loss, or failure. It comes from the dissatisfaction with your life and it pushes you to make an emotional choice to better yourself, no matter what changes have to be made or how daunting the changes seem to be. This is that hard to understand ability that allows a person to push past their fear and do it anyways.

Choosing to implement your X Factor doesn’t mean that your past mistakes or difficult childhood will fade away and it doesn’t mean that your are going to be able to alter your original makeup in personality or genetics, but it does however allow you to alter your current trajectory and build a new future. The best thing that it does though, is create a desire to do “Whatever It Takes” to reach a goal and make the appropriate changes.

The good news is…Anyone and everyone can access this “X” Factor for themselves, but it takes a conscious effort to engage your will to better yourself. It is a CHOICE…a choice to look inside yourself and ask whether you are absolutely ready to walk out of your comfort zone, face your fear and finally engage your “X” Factor so that you can reach those lifelong goals. Anyone can…but not everyone will make the choice – Will You?




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